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Times To Use Sei Hei Ki In Your Daily Life

Continuing on Sei Hei Ki week let’s talk about opportunities to use Sei Hei Ki in your daily life. Use Sei Hei Ki in your daily life, when you… feel upset and angry. are worried about something. need to do your best. want to show your gratitude. need to be reminded to be kind. feel […]

Sei Hei Ki and the Reiki Principles

Yesterday was the rundown of what Sei Hei Ki is, does and does not do. Today I wanna talk about how I feel the energy of SHK and why I think the symbol embodies the Reiki Principles. Sei Hei Ki and the Reiki Principles Remember the intro bit to the Reiki Principles? “The secret art to […]

Sei Hei Ki Bringing Balance

You have no idea how bad I wanted to say bringing balance to The Force in the title, but I decided against it. What with the latest Star Wars movie having recently come out…anyway. This week is Sei Hei Ki week, to follow up Cho Ku Rei week. Sei Hei Ki Bringing Balance Sei Hei […]

Using Cho Ku Rei with Crystals

Since we’re talking about Cho Ku Rei this week I wanna talk about using Cho Ku Rei with crystals…because we all know I love me some crystals haha. When I say crystals I mean stones, minerals, crystals, rocks, all that jazz. Any type, any shape: tumbles, roughs, points, spheres, pyramids, etc. If you’re wondering if […]

The Gokai Experiment: Rewriting the Reiki Principles

A couple of months ago I gave my Reiki discussion group an assignment…The Gokai Experiment: rewrite the Reiki Principles. I can hear a few of you gasp from through the screen, but hear me out. Usui developed the Reiki method not even 100 years ago, in this time the world has changed, values have changed, […]