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3 Grounding Techniques That Aren’t Visualizing Tree Roots

I previously talked about grounding here. Check it out for a quick rundown of the what and why of grounding. Today’s short video is three more grounding techniques to help that don’t involve visualizing tree roots. You can watch the video or read the transcript below. Grounding Techniques Transcription Hi! I’m Sierra Koch from Reiki Playground […]

You Are Worth It!

[This originally appeared October 28, 2013 on my old website The Spirituality Seeker. I am reposting here because I no longer have the old site and it’s still relevant today…plus I talked about it on the live stream inside the Reiki Playground Facebook Group and thought it should be available to peeps that need the […]

Reiki and Pendulums Video Workshop

Hey everyone! Today I’m announcing that the Reiki and Pendulums Video Workshop is available in the Free Reiki Resource Library! ::throwsconfetti:: Reiki and Pendulums Video Workshop Inside the Reiki and Pendulums video workshop is 7 short videos. The workshop itself is only just slightly over 33 minutes long. The videos inside the Reiki and Pendulums video […]

The Joy of Anger

What a funny title? The Joy of Anger! I can see some side-eye going on. Like, uhm Sierra, you aren’t supposed to enjoy your angers. You’re supposed to let them go. It just so happens that our theme inside Ignite Your Reiki Passion for February is I will not be angry. Each month we’re taking each part of […]

Reiki Playground’s Top 10 Posts of 2016

I wanted to create Reiki Playground’s Top 10 Posts of 2016 because well why not? So I checked the stats of all the posts and these are the top 10, the best of the best, most popular in 2016. Some of them are old from other years (you’ll recognize a lot from the 2015 top 10 […]

Strengthen Intuition with Dai Ko Myo

Strengthening intuition is something that many of us strive to do. Our inner knowing and gut instincts, it’s worth it to get better at feeling these and trusting what comes. But how do we go about it? One answer is going within, aka meditation and our Reiki practice. I know, I know, broken record. But it’s true. […]

Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol

It’s time to get cozy with the symbols again. This week we dedicate to Dai Ko Myo master symbol! If you wanna start from the beginning, though, Cho Ku Rei week, Sei Hei Ki week, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen week. Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol Dai Ko Myo (DKM) Sounds like: die co me-oh, co like […]