Amethyst: Our Friendly Galactic Travel Agent

Amethyst: Our Friendly Galactic Travel Agent

I hope you’ve been enjoying the crystal series so far! Working with crystals in Reiki is really fun. You can use your imagination even more, and crystal tool helps with focus. Today’s crystal is amethyst. It’s a favorite among crystal lovers because of its association with the third eye and crown chakras. It also helps in meditation. Amethyst has a slightly otherworldly feel to it and helps connect you with your psychic senses and intuition. Today, we are going on a trip! 

Sierra Koch amethyst crystal reiki

To use amethyst during meditative self Reiki, I suggest finding an amethyst you connect with. If a crystal “jumps out” at you then you’ll be able to make a connection with it. This could be that it just stands out, can’t get it out of your head, or various other ways, you’ll know when it happens.

The easiest way to create a connection when you’re ready (this works with all crystals and can be used before any crystal work, just change the wording):

  • Rub your hands together getting the hand chakras open (skippable step)
  • Start running Reiki
  • Ask permission of the crystal to have a connection with it (you’ll be able to tell by the way it feels or through your intuition)
  • Send the amethyst Reiki and ask that it helps you during this meditation (or ask any crystal that it helps during a healing, etc, whatever wording you need)

Let’s Go on an adventure!

Now that you have a connection with your amethyst start doing a self Reiki treatment. Place the crystal at your crown chakra (or third eye if you prefer) and get super comfortable. When you’re ready, imagine that your amethyst becomes large and hollow so that it encompasses you in it’s purple innards. This will protect you on your travels.

Sierra Koch amethyst crystal reiki Fill the protective crystal bubble with Reiki and continue your Reiki session. Imagine that the amethyst carries you gently and softly up up up into space. You can allow it to glide over and around stars, visit planets, meet your guides, go to a different dimension. Whatever you choose, amethyst will take you there safely.

During your travels you may notice messages coming through, allow this to happen. You might receive new insight to a problem you’ve had, take note and come back to it. You might meet some interesting new guides, talk with them for a bit. Don’t be afraid of whatever adventure comes your way, just let it happen and enjoy the ride. Amethyst is your protector and will bring you back down to earth when you’re ready.

Amethyst Meditation
Free audio meditation. Just click or right click save as/control click download file as.



Amethyst is a quartz and commonly colored purple. As stated before it is associated with the crown chakra and connects you with your guides and intuition. It’s wonderful help with Reiki besides meditation as it helps open the crown chakra and opens clients more to healing. Amethyst is a healer stone and will help with more than it’s typical “duties”.

Like other quartz it is a hard crystal and you can energetically clean it any way you desire. You’ll be able to tell when it needs cleaning by the way it feels and sometimes by looks. If the color looks off, or something just feels wrong, give it a quick cleaning and it’ll feel new again. You’ll want to clean it before each adventure. After the adventure you can use it as a reminder of what you learned and clean it when you need a new lesson or it feels like it needs it.

How do you use amethyst with Reiki?

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