What to do After Your Reiki Attunements

What to do After Your Reiki Attunements

Many on the Reiki path take Reiki, then go….now what?

Now you practice!

Practice and build your skills.

Practice and research.

Practice and add to your Reiki toolbox.

Practice and integrate other healing modalities (or stay with Reiki exclusively) .

Practice and play.

Practice and understand yourself.

Practice and learn.

Practice and have fun!

Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to practice on, you are the perfect subject to explore Reiki with.

Don’t worry if you don’t live the Reiki Principles perfectly, they weren’t meant to be followed perfectly, but to keep you mindful.

Be mindful of your emotions.

Be mindful of your actions.

Be mindful of the moment.

Be mindful of your honesty.

Be mindful of your work.

Be mindful of your blessings.

Of course that all sounds fine and dandy right? I can just hear you say…but HOWWW?! Just friggin do it. Practice the hand positions. Practice feeling. Practice new techniques that you’ve read about. Don’t think you have the time to practice? Practice before bed. Yeah, you might fall asleep, but at least you are practicing. Practice when you are watching tv. Practice when you’re on the computer. Practice when you are in the shower. Practice in line at the store. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Things get more interesting after Reiki 2, and…everything above still applies. You’ll still be practicing long after all of your attunements. You can always practice on yourself. No, excuses here, I’m Coach Hardass 😉

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have others to practice with.

Reiki is for self-improvement. Being able to channel it for others is just a perk. I want that pounded into your head. Seriously, if you are the only one you can practice with, that’s perfect. Don’t get discouraged. Just practice.

What is your advice for what to do after your Reiki attunements?

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