Affirmations For Reiki

Affirmations For Reiki

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, our mind likes to chitter chatter when we give a treatment. “What did I have on my grocery list? Do I need to pick up milk? No, I remember smelling it this morning, it smelt fine. Wonder if Bob is gonna call me today. What was up with Jenny’s hair today? Hmmm I really want to get that new cd today.”

Thoughts just keep coming and sometimes it’s hard to make them stop. Then after the session you’re all like “WTF man, I just monkey minded through that whole session”. It’s like you got Reiki hypnosis…much like highway hypnosis, but instead of driving you were doing a Reiki session. One thing that can help is repeating something over and over. Here are 13 affirmations for Reiki sessions and suggestions you can start saying instead of letting your mind wonder:

  1. Reiki Reiki Reiki….yeah it really is that simple 😉
  2. Let it flow let it flow let it flow
  3. Reiki goes where it’s gotta go…my favorite!
  4. Ommmmmmm….
  5. Just for today: Be cheerful, live in the moment, work honestly, be grateful, be kind
  6. Peace love peace love
  7. Repeat your client’s name over and over. It helps with a connection
  8. Ask what the client is working on and develop an affirmation with them, repeat that
  9. Grounding, Creativity, Power, Love, Communication, Intuition, Spirituality (for the chakras).
  10. Be calm, be healed, be open, be love
  11. Positivity, love, and healing flows from me to [name]
  12. If you have a prayer you like to use, you can repeat that to keep you on track
  13. Let it go let it go let it go

Do you have any tricks on keeping you on track and staying in the moment with your clients (or self)? Share with us down below!

Have you tried breath prayers while doing affirmations for Reiki? No? Check out my breath prayer post here.

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