Building Your Reiki Toolbox: Adding Visualization to Reiki

Building Your Reiki Toolbox: Adding Visualization to Reiki

As we all know, Reiki does its thing once you start running it. Technically, you don’t have to do anything other than channel Reiki. You don’t have to channel it through a crystal, you don’t have to meditate, you don’t have to pair it with massage, Reiki just works….like a Mac (silly computer joke for funsies). But sometimes we do want to feel it running more powerfully or just add some extra spice, that’s where our toolbox kicks in. This week we talk about adding visualization to Reiki!You get to use your imagination and create something magical with visualizations, it can be really powerful. Personally, I love visualizations. I can dip into my creative reservoir and pull out something pretty useful. I can use Thor’s hammer to take down a wall that doesn’t need to be where it is. I can use Archangel Michael’s sword to cut a cord. I can use Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver.

Visualizing Tools

To use this technique ask your guides and your client’s guides (if working on someone else) if you can break down a wall, let’s say their heart is blocked and there’s a wall around it for emotional protection. If the guides say yes, you could ask Thor to borrow his hammer to break down the walls. Same thing with Archangel Michael, just ask, listen, and if given the go ahead, cut those cords.

The sonic screwdriver was just a silly addition, but totally useable. Since The Doctor is a television show character you don’t need his permission to use the screwdriver, but if you’re a fan of the show you know what it does, so just imagine it doing it’s thing by way of Reiki.

With this technique remember if you take away something you should fill the hole with Reiki or divine white light from source, something good. Just visualize it happening and it’s done.

You don’t have to use tools though, like the hammer, sword, sonic screwdriver, etc. You can visualize rainbows, and colors. You can visualize people as happy and healthy, and use Reiki to help make it happen. You can visualize healing lakes and rain, whatever you can imagine.

Running The Colors

One color visualization I love to do is what I call “running the colors”. It’s a simple technique that helps with the chakras.

With my hands on the crown chakra of either myself or client I start with the color red. I send a ball of red light starting at the crown and moving through the body leaving from the feet to be grounded and neutralized in the earth. I go through each color and finish with white light.

Sometimes the colors get snagged and they have a hard time going through a certain spot. There are a number of different reasons the colors can get stuck, use your intuition and guides to discover the reason.

When the colors get slow, push them through and if need be send the same color again. 2 or more colors might get stuck in the same spot, concentrate Reiki there until the colors go smoothly.

Reiki Rain

The last visualization technique I want to share that I absolutely love is what I’m calling Reiki rain, this uses Reiki symbols. I love to draw and visualize a giant CKR above my body and then imagine that Reiki rains on me. Depending on what I need I might use SHK or HSZSN or all three.

This is a wonderful way to receive Reiki while you sleep. You can set the intention that it rains on you the entire night and it will. If you don’t want to actually take the time to Reiki yourself in bed before sleep, draw CKR with the intention that it gives you Reiki all night long for your highest and greatest good.

What visualization techniques do you use? Share with us in the comments 😀

6 thoughts on “Building Your Reiki Toolbox: Adding Visualization to Reiki”

    • Hi Yoginya! I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you asking do I have the feeling that when I do visualizations that Reiki doesn’t work, or that I have the feeling that it doesn’t work in general?

      Once upon a time I couldn’t feel anything and I had problems believing that Reiki worked. I practiced, and tried, and worked at it so hard. I KNEW it worked. I SAW first hand the awesome healing effects it could produce, but I hadn’t personally experienced it for myself. After awhile I got frustrated, and decided to do something about the frustration and so the Reiki Workbooks were born. After creating and then working through them, I experienced what I needed to, to let go and allow Reiki to “do it’s thing” and for me to believe in it full heartedly. I have full feelings that Reiki works. It’s amazing at relaxing me, reducing stress, and helping me in all areas of my life. It’s an amazing support system that I am immensely grateful that it has come into my life.

      [you can find the Reiki workbooks I’m talking about here: or

      With visualizations I fully believe that they only add to the experience.

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