Welcome to Reiki Playground!

This is a safe haven to help you explore. Too many peeps stifle their creative expression when using Reiki because they were told it was “bad” or not “right”. Reiki Playground is here to help move you into the next evolution of yourself. To bring about the best you, you can be with Reiki as your guide and loving support. And to have tons of fun while doing it.

This place is NOT for you if you can’t have fun. Unwad those panties and let’s play! The motto around here is “it’s all good”. It works. It really is all good, life is what you make it, might as well think “it’s all good” right?

The goal of Reiki Playground is to spread fun and excitement through the Reiki community all around the world. Whether you are new to Reiki or a seasoned professional, we strive to introduce you to fun, innovative and fresh ways to utilize Reiki in your life. Through our posts, videos, classes, membership, and programs you will learn how to let loose and just let the Reiki flow without letting outside judgment get the better of you. I invite you to take time and explore the site. Look through the freebies, peruse the articles, perhaps enroll in a course. I look forward to helping you!

So, who runs this place? 

Hi! I’m Sierra a giant goofball in LOVE with Reiki. I love channeling, receiving, learning, & writing about it! Spreading the joy of Reiki is one of my passions in life.  I’m here to sprinkle awesomesauce, glitter, play with unicorns & dragons, talk about Care Bears, and generally laugh in the face of anyone that says you have to take Reiki (or life) seriously. Reiki doesn’t have to be serious

I’m here to help you get the most out of your Reiki attunements.  

My personal Reiki beliefs:

  • Reiki just is. Doesn’t matter what level you are, just let it flow and it will.
  • You absolutely do not need to be a Reiki 2 to send distant Reiki. That’s like saying that someone that isn’t a priest can’t pray for you.
  • You don’t need the symbols to send Reiki distantly. (Originally there were no symbols…)
  • Secret and sacred are different. The symbols are sacred, but not secret.
  • You can have fun with Reiki.
  • You don’t have to be a Reiki purist to enjoy it.
  • You can add all the healing modalities you desire.
  • The best way to get better with Reiki is to practice. On self and others.

Ready to get started?

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