About Sierra

The Reiki Enthusiast and Practitioner!

sierraroundHi! I’m Sierra a giant goofball in LOVE with Reiki. I love channeling, receiving, learning, & writing about it! Spreading the joy of Reiki is one of my passions in life.  I’m here to sprinkle awesomesauce, glitter, play with unicorns & dragons, talk about Care Bears, and generally laugh in the face of anyone that says you have to take Reiki (or life) seriously. Reiki doesn’t have to be serious. It absolutely is a spiritual practice and one I personally adore, but you don’t have to be all “everything is set in stone exactly as my teacher taught me” or “YOU CAN’T SHOW THE SYMBOLS NoOoOoOoOooo”.

This place is NOT for you if you can’t have fun. Un-wad those panties and let’s play!  The motto is “it’s all good”. Seriously at my old retail job it turned into an inside joke because I said it so much. But…it works. It really is all good, life is what you make it, might as well think “it’s all good” right? 

Photographer Sierra Koch black and white picture of tiger5 things you may not know about me: 

  1. I use an iMac, it’s name is MacGyver because MacGyver can do anything and so can macs haha…(don’t troll me man). 
  2. I’m also a bit obsessed with crystals…
  3. I have a photography degree, and my favorite thing to do is the editing. Nikon fan by the way.   
  4. In the Chinese zodiac I’m a tiger…rwar! (Yep, that’s my picture).
  5. I’m a hardcore libra.