29 Lessons Reiki Has Taught Me

29 Lessons Reiki Has Taught Me

Today I turn 29…the last year before I turn 30. Honestly, it is freaking me out. So to counteract the spazness I’ve got 29 lessons Reiki has taught me to share with you.

  1. Don’t make things complicated.
  2. Take deep breaths.
  3. Trust Reiki. Trust yourself. Trust others.
  4. Unlearn everything not Reiki to really learn Reiki. That means: no chakras, no crystals, no essential oils, no flower essences, etc.
  5. Let go of the outcome, for anything.
  6. Self-love is the way to live, even if it feels impossible.
  7. Self-care, more important than you may realize.
  8. It’s okay to slip on the Principles, just start again in the moment.
  9. …it’s still all good 😉
  10. Crystals are good friends with Reiki.
  11. Be gentle with yourself. Judging yourself just gets you down.
  12. You don’t have to have anything fancy or official to do Reiki. Just a chair will do, or even the floor.
  13. If you don’t experiment for yourself, you’ll never know whether something will work for you (Reiki or otherwise).
  14. Teaching a class in person is only slightly uncomfortable now.
  15. Procrastination still has a hold, but Reiki makes it less of a mess.
  16. Reiki food is delicious.
  17. Reiki pizza is the best.
  18. Probably not the best idea to eat so much pizza…
  19. Move your body!
  20. Sing if you want to sing damn it!
  21. Dance if you want to dance!
  22. Get off the computer for days at a time to recharge.
  23. Research Reiki. There is some interesting stuff out there and I’m glad I learned it.
  24. Release and let go!
  25. Being silly is not as off-putting as you’d think.
  26. You are the only one that puts limits on Reiki.
  27. You can send distant healing without being a Reiki 2.
  28. Practice is the only way to get better at Reiki.
  29. Reiki-ing before sleep is the best way to fall asleep.

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