Hello Panic Attack! I don't remember inviting you to the party!

Ah...the panic attack. The sneaky little bastard. First, you're…
Ask Reiki Playground: If I cross my legs (or arms) will Reiki still flow? Think of youself as an electric cord, no a water hose.

Ask Reiki Playground: If I cross my legs (or arms) will Reiki still flow?

Today we got this wonderful question: "I was told by my reiki…
Dear Reiki Newbs You rock. You just spent the weekend learning an amazeballs relaxation & energy healing technique. I know you're spinning.

A Letter To Reiki Newbs

Dear Reiki Newb, You rock. You just spent the weekend  learning…
This is the Top Ten Favorite Crystals of Reiki Playground! I love crystals, writing articles giving crystals photo shoots. I love them. Crystals, stone, rocks, etc.

Reiki Playground's Top Ten Favorite Crystals

I love crystals, writing articles (here, here, here, here,…

Jodi Chapman and the Soulful Life Sanctuary [Interview]

Today we have something a little different. My friend Jodi Chapman…
goodness of reiki

The Marshmallow Goodness of Reiki. What does cereal have to do with anything?

By now I'm sure you've figured out that I love relating things to…
it's time to play ask Reiki Playground!

Ask Reiki Playground

We are rolling out a new series! Ask Reiki Playground. This is…
silly Reiki story

Captain Planet and the Reikiteers [Silly Reiki Story]

This post has been long overdue...been chilling in "drafts" for…