summer of Reiki

Summer of Reiki

It's heating up in my part of the world (US) and that means…
The Wallpaper Lesson, what lesson did scraping off wallpaper teach me? Find out!

The Wallpaper Lesson

Stripping wallpaper is a pain in the ass...literally, and figuratively.…
affirmations for Reiki sessions

Affirmations For Reiki

Sometimes it's unavoidable, our mind likes to chitter chatter…
Finding Reiki practice can sometimes seem like a pain. Here are 20 FUN Ways to Sneak Reiki In! What are you favorite ways to get Reiki in your day?

Finding Reiki Practice: 20 FUN Ways to Sneak Reiki In

Finding Reiki practice can sometimes seem like a pain, but only…
Explaining Reiki. How often do you go into how it heals all your ails, keeps you calm, and whatever superpowers you have attached to it when you start to explain Reiki?

Explaining Reiki

How do you explain Reiki? How often do you go into how it heals…
storm power!

Storm Power! Intensifying Your Reiki

Recently a storm ran through my city. Luckily no damage in my…

Instant Gratification: Pizza Rolls & Reiki

The world we live in is full of instant gratification. Microwaves…
Sparkle Reiki

How to Add Sparkle to Your Reiki [Guest Post: Grace Quantock]

Today we have a special guest post by Grace Quantock. She is…
Space clearing essentials! Sometimes our living spaces and areas get a bit icky....You can feel arguments that happened DAYS ago, something feels off...

Go Clean Your Room! Space Clearing Essentials

Sometimes our living spaces and areas get a bit icky....You can…