Sometimes in life we go off to la-la land...well I do anyways. We get lost in dreamland and reality feels like suckage. It's a sign we need to get grounded!

Get Grounded, My Friend

Sometimes in life we go off to la-la land...well I do anyways.…
Clear Quartz: Electrifying! Clear quartz helps in all healing sessions. It amplifies a Reiki treatment, and afterwards you can give the client a Reiki...

Clear Quartz: Electrifying

I totally have that one Grease song in my head now. The one where…
Amethyst is a quartz and commonly colored purple. As stated before it is associated with the crown chakra and connects you with your guides and intuition.

Amethyst: Our Friendly Galactic Travel Agent

I hope you've been enjoying the crystal series so far! Working…
Blue lace agate a crystal of chillness, calming down, tranquility, and gentle healing. When I need to clear out some chattery mind freakout, I reach for my blue lace agate and run Reiki.

Blue Lace Agate: Let's Chill Man

Blue lace agate a crystal of chillness, calming down, tranquility,…
Rose quartz, black tourmaline, a pair for the ages! Need to remove negativity and bring in love energies? This is the combo to use!

Rose Quartz & Black Tourmaline: A Rockstar Pair

This post is a bit of a specialized one. Today we are conquering…
earth day reiki

Earth Day and Reiki

Today is Earth Day, a time to help the environment and everything…
Selenite & Reiki: Using the two together. Selenite comes in many different forms. You can buy it polished or rough, wands or towers, white or peachy/pink.

Selenite and Reiki: Using the two together

As you know, Reiki is perfect by itself as it is, but a lot of…
Cho Ku Rei video

Cho Ku Rei Video Fun with the Power Symbol

Are you a Reiki 2 struggling with finding some interesting ways…
what to do in sacred space

Sacred Space-ification [Part 3 of 3]: What to do in sacred space

In Part 1 we discovered what sacred space was and why you wanted…
create sacred space

Sacred Space-ification [Part 2 of 3]: How do we create sacred space?

In part one we discovered what sacred space was, and why we wanted…

Sacred Space-ification [Part 1 of 3]: What is sacred space and why do you want it?

Spring is starting to finally show it's pretty face in this part…