20 Excellent Times To Do Reiki

20 Excellent Times To Do Reiki

Let’s talk about potentially difficult or unusual times to do Reiki.

We have talked about fun ways to incorporate Reiki, ways to add sparkle to your Reiki, the difference between finding time and making time for Reiki. But what about the times you maybe don’t think to do Reiki? The times when you may be so caught up in something else that you don’t even think about it.

Here are 20 excellent times to do Reiki.

  1. When you need inspiration.
  2. During meditation.
  3. When you want to argue.
  4. When you want to gossip.
  5. When you need a creative boost.
  6. When you can’t sleep.
  7. Driving. Especially when you have road rage!
  8. When you have technical difficulties.
  9. When you have relationship issues (any relationship).
  10. When you talk to tech support.
  11. When you need a hug.
  12. When you stub your toe 😉
  13. When you realize you hate the haircut you just got.
  14. When you get passed up for a promotion (or didn’t make the team).
  15. Family gatherings.
  16. When you are sick.
  17. When you are stuck in a meeting.
  18. When you are hanging out with your friends.
  19. When you have a day off.
  20. When you are cleaning.


Reiki every day! 😉

I can hear a few of you saying: but we have to ask permission to Reiki other people! I don’t want to ask the tech guy I’m talking to if I can send him Reiki!

Uhm…There is one person you can always ALWAYS always Reiki and that is YOU. That is all you need to worry about right now. At a family gathering or a meeting with other people that you just don’t get along with? Reiki you. So that you feel better and can handle things better.

You know the saying that goes something like you can’t pour from an empty cup, so you have to take care of yourself first. That is part of Reiki. Fill yourself up so you can help others. Don’t just use Reiki when you remember it. Remember to incorporate Reiki into your daily life.

Have you discovered an unusual time to do Reiki that totally works for you? I’d love to read about it, share with us in the comments 🙂

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