12 Ways to Add Reiki to Bedtime

12 Ways to Add Reiki to Bedtime

When last we talked it was about adding Reiki to mealtime, if you missed it, you can find the post here. This is another part in the series of broken down ways you can add Reiki to your life simply. With bedtime, it’s pretty easy to add Reiki in a bunch of different ways. I personally enjoy just laying in bed and Reiki myself, but I have 11 other ways to include Reiki at bedtime or just in the bedroom to raise the energies.

12 Ways to Add Reiki to Bedtime

Reiki as long as you feel you need to.

  1. Reiki the bed, the sheets, comforter, blanket, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. Do this during the day before you go to bed. Perhaps start when you get out of bed for the day.
  2. Reiki the bedroom itself. Reiki away any bad juju that may have accumulated over the day, or week, or month. Reiki to make the room peaceful and ready for restful sleep.
  3. Reiki p.j.s if you wear them (oh la la!).
  4. Reiki any books you read before bed.
  5. Reiki yourself before going to bed. If you watch t.v., play on the computer, watch youtube videos, etc. before bed that’s a perfect time to Reiki.
  6. Reiki as you do your night time rituals. (Wash face, Reiki, brush teeth, Reiki, brush hair, Reiki).
  7. If you use crystals in the bedroom besure to Reiki those.
  8. When you do Reiki yourself in bed, set Reiki bedtime intentions. Something like: I intend to sleep restfully and peacefully throughout the night.
  9. Reiki your alarm clock so that it’s not super annoying when you wake up. Or better yet, Reiki yourself to wake up at a certain time. Be sure to use the alarm clock as a backup though. You can include this in your bedtime intentions: I intend to wake up refreshed at 9am.
  10. Visualize that you are sleeping in a bubble of Reiki and that Reiki flows all night long.
  11. Reiki your partner (or kids) with their permission. Especially if they can’t sleep.
  12. Reiki your bedtime snacks and drinks.

Do you Reiki at bedtime? Why or why not? Or do you have other ways to include it? I’d love to read your suggestions in the comments!

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  • This is brilliant! I am a Reiki Master and have finally begun to use my Reiki again after a few years break due to a stressful job. I should have used the Reiki I know. Going to try some of these bedtime ideas as not sleeping well. I have read several of your other articles. Perfect. How do I join your group? If that’s possible.

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