25 Sep

Introduction to Past Lives

Today we have a wonderful guest post today by Karen Downing of Aurora’s Message. Past lives is something that completely fascinates me and I’m super excited about this post. As Reiki practitioners we know we can heal the past. Have you tried going to a past life to see how it has affected you in this life? This is an excellent introduction!


To understand past lives first takes an understanding of why learning about them can assist us in our lives today. Our past life memories store vast amounts of information about our emotional well-being and areas of expertise. Have you ever witnessed a child say or do something that they could not have possibly known? Then you have witnessed the power of past lives.

Past lives, much like our present life, are filled with both good and bad experiences. The experiences that lifted us up and built our self-esteem in our past lives, are the sources of many of our gifts in our present lifetime. The experiences that created fear, anger and sadness in our past lives, are the sources of our challenges in this life.

When you are tuning into your personal challenges, and you move beyond the present life causes, there can still remain a question of where does that belief, emotion, or fear come from?

That is the question that can be answered by exploring your own past life dynamics. So, how do you explore them?

One of the finest ways to do this is to watch a movie or TV program that touches on similar themes as what you experienced in a past life. For example, let’s say that you are a talented musician, but are experiencing frustration with your music getting out there to the world. Your expertise in music comes from a past life experience, where you had used your talent before.

When you watch the story of someone who has undergone similar experiences, it can assist you in drawing out any hidden pieces from your own past life experiences. By connecting with a past life dynamic in this way, it will highlight where you feel struggle, and also where you feel confidence. By revealing that information, you will be better equipped to move beyond the struggle and embrace the confidence.

Have you ever wondered if you have been a healer or intuitive before? Did you experience any challenges in those lifetimes? And, if so, are those challenges the source of any fears or limiting beliefs you hold onto today? Tune into these past lives from your soul memory; discover the epiphanies in the answers that are revealed to you.

KarenPicTNKaren Downing
Bringing Compassion to Humanity




23 Sep

Fall into Reiki

fall into reikiFinally, it’s officially  fall! woot woots! I love love love autumn time. I feel energized like the fiery new colors bursting in. However I know that some peeps don’t get this way, in fact they feel the complete opposite. Sluggish, irritable, depressed. This post is for those that need an extra boost. For the peeps that need a pick me up.  For those that need a reminder.

When you feel down in the dumps

Fall into Reiki

When you need support

Fall into Reiki

When you feel your energy drained

Fall into Reiki

When you just don’t feel like getting out of bed

Fall into Reiki

When you can’t just let go

Fall into Reiki

When you’re ready to give up

Fall into Reiki

When you wish it was spring already

Fall into Reiki

When you need some love

Fall into Reiki

When others get on your last nerve

Fall into Reiki

When you can’t see the sun

Fall into Reiki

Reiki is here to help you. Don’t forget to use it! It will help you through anything.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving caring Reiki community join us in the free facebook group and get what you crave. Or join us in The Playground and get even more support.



16 Sep

8 Ways to Send Distant Reiki

2This post has been in the works for…too long. A question from the Facebook group fueled the desire to actually finish and get it out here. Most of these are non-traditional ways of sending distant Reiki. We’ll start out with the usual suspects though.

The Usual Suspects

We know that we can use surrogates when the person we’re sending Reiki to isn’t with us physically. The teddy bear, crystals, pictures…that stuff.


This one is my favorite. I love the way crystals feel in my hands and I feel that it helps boost the energy.

How I do it: Get comfortable and play some soothing music. When ready I grab my energetically cleared crystal. Draw the symbols and connect with Reiki and the person I’m sending to. Send Reiki for the time allotted. Thank Reiki, thank the crystal. Cut all cords that might have formed (I use a visualization most of the time). Go about my day.

Alternate method: You can also create a healing crystal grid and send distance Reiki that way as well. It’s also a continuous stream of Reiki & crystal healing for who ever is in the grid.

Another method: Reiki crystal. Put on top of written intention/affirmation/person’s name (or picture) for continuous distant Reiki.

Teddy Bear

 Well any type of stuffed animal, or doll.

How I do it: With the teddy bear surrogate  I start off the same way as when I use crystals, but I add in hand positions too. I like the soft squishiness of a stuffed toy, but I still prefer the crystal.


You can use pictures of people to help really connect to their energy. Use pictures from certain time periods to heal the past. Heal your past with pictures. Lots of different ways.

How I do it: I use pictures when I want to send distance Reiki to my own past. It’s easier to tap into a time frame when you have a picture from around that time. I allow myself to remember the emotions and what was going on, then I start sending Reiki. When I feel myself let go I know that healing has started.

The Fun Flavors

The fun flavors add a bit of flair to our distance Reiki. I think they are more fun and help us concentrate a little more.


I love this method. You can use a taper candle, pillar, votive, tealight, pretty much any kind you want. You can correspond colors to what you’re wanting to heal (like the chakras). You can use a white candle. It’s up to you. This is useful if you want to send Reiki, but you don’t have time to actively send. You can also use this for yourself.

How to: Choose your candle. You can etch the symbols into the candle if you wish. Reiki the candle with the person/people in mind that you wish to send to, connect to their energies. This does not have to be very long, perhaps 5-10 minutes. When you are ready, light the candle with the intention of sending Reiki for the duration of the candle burning. When you’re ready to end the Reiki: you can let the candle burn down on it’s own or  blow/snuff out the candle. Be sure to thank the flame and Reiki.


This one is a little different than the rest. This can be used with any type of seed that you desire, as long as you plan to plant them!

How to: Reiki your seeds of choice. Hold your intention in your mind as you Reiki the seeds. Either plant the seeds yourself or send them to someone that needs healing. When you plant the seeds, set the intention that Reiki flows as the seeds grow & prosper. You decide if the Reiki flows for the earth, a specific person, an event, etc. As long as the seeds grow Reiki flows! Remember to Reiki the plant periodically as well. When it’s time for the plant to die, thank it for it’s assistance.


Okay, not everyone likes creating art, but this can be super fun!

How to: As you create art let Reiki flow and be your muse. Intend that as you create art that it is infused with Reiki. Intend that anyone that looks at what you created gets a dose of Reiki. You can insert symbols underneath the intended design, where they are hidden but still send out Reiki. There is tons of fun stuff you can play around with.


Music sooths the soul, so it’s no surprise we can use it to send Reiki.

How to: If you create music whether live or recorded, intend that all listeners get Reiki as they hear the music.

Alternate method: If you do not create music, don’t fear! You can still use music to send out Reiki. If you have a physical cd, record, mp3 player, etc. you can hold it in your hands and give the intention that anytime this “insert physical object” is used or listened to that the person gets Reiki for the duration of listening.

If it’s a digital product, simply intend that the listener gets Reiki whenever they listen to the product. You can hold your hands to the screen or draw symbols on it if you want.


This is another way for self healing of the past.

How to: Run Reiki, do your symbols if you want, however you get started. Connect with the part of your past that you are healing.  Journal about the time and your emotions. What it is that you can’t “get over”. Whatever you need to release write it down. Then write about the positive. Finally draw the symbols on the pages and declare that you are healing and accepting what has come to pass.

Final thoughts

You can do distance healing by any means you can think of. It’s always about the intention. If you decide you’re sending distance Reiki, you are. Be clear in your intentions, be heartfelt, and you’re good to go! What do you think? What’s your favorite way of doing distant Reiki?


10 Sep

What is Shadow Work?

gina_001In the latest newsletter I shared that this fall I’ll be working with my shadow self. Fun fun, but what the hell is it?


Shadow work is dealing with those bits of yourself that you don’t really like, your shadow. Those spots of you that you deny. The areas in your life that aren’t perfect. The inner self talk that is less than nice to yourself. The beliefs that aren’t really yours. It’s not about “dealing” with these bits, it’s accepting them. Not letting them get you all bent out of shape. Not denying them either.

Shadow work is hard, and it’s suppose to be.

You’re practically ripping off the band-aid that you’ve put in place to make life all gumballs and lemon drops. At least as happy happy joy joy as you have now, even if it’s really just a crap storm. Shadow work causes you to shred any untruths about yourself so you can live as authentically as possible.

That my dears is the short version. This is what I understand it to be. It’s a growing experience. I’ll be working with shadow using Reiki, crystals, mediation, and massive chakra work as support. I’m just trying to decide where to start!

If you’ve gone through shadow work I invite you to message me about it, or better yet, share your story and be a guest writer.

01 Sep

Calm Yo Shit Monkey Mind

7I’m known for a few sayings. It’s all good. Awesomesauce. Coolieo. I know, right? And calm yo shit (or more nicely put “calm yourself”. I use both interchangeably). It’s 2am and I’m getting ready to lay down and catch some Zs when spazstic thoughts flood my head. Read More

29 Aug

Many Teachers: Never stop learning

6I absolutely love taking Reiki classes. I love the different lessons, histories,
classmates, etc. No two teachers are the same, and that’s perfect. Each teacher focuses on different things. One could be very  history heavy in their Reiki 1 and another could skim it and focus mostly on practice. Each teacher will be different. If you’ve only taken Reiki from one teacher you might not know that. Read More

15 Aug

That’s A Wrap: Robin Williams

By U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Tabitha M. Mans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By now the death of Robin Williams has reached all corners of the earth…maybe not the remote places that don’t know what comedy is, or tv, or even who he was. But the death of a legend has been felt many times over. It’s like slow rumbling aftershocks that keep coming and coming. Read More